Friday, 9 June 2017

Museum trip

Last week team two went to the museum.We went to the hall to took about the rules.When we got there,we ate in the Kai room.I ate sausage.I had fun in
The Kai room and I had chicken stick.After.that went with our parent and we went to look around the museum.My favourite thing to do was looking at
The T. rex.We went to a lesson about matariki.We made a ipu.After that we crashed the caterpillar and it made blue ink.We made a t mojo that we put 
On our face. I had fun because I had a great time with my friends.


  1. Good job on your recount Zechariah. You have used lots of detail to describe your trip to the museum. It was pretty cool looking at the dinosaur bones, do you know they are called fossils? I really enjoyed making the ipu too. I can't believe they used crushed caterpillar to make the ink for the tattoos! I am proud of your writing. Keep up the good work.

    From Miss Szymanik

  2. Hi Zac you writing is very very cool and you are smart and you,are very very fast at raceing people from KYZEL